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Workplace Success - What Every Essential Employee Needs to Know

Did you know... employees entering the workforce today will have 10-14 jobs before they turn 38 years old?  That's what the U.S. Department of Labor reports. One key to career success in our ever-changing job market is to adopt the behaviors that make employees successful regardless of what kind of workplace they’re in. If you want to be essential, this is the website for you!

The Essential Career Resource—a series of books and references—define what it takes to be essential at work and achieve career success. The resources in this website are based on data gathered from real organizations around the country. So, it’s not just theory—our products reflect how managers, executives, and supervisors define essential employees. Below, you’ll see the five key behaviors employees must exhibit to be considered essential in the workplace.

The Reach Framework

The Essential Career Resources are relevant to all work environments. The resources use a story format that is a fun way to illustrate essential employee behaviors. The story allows readers to learn from a character’s mistakes and provides a front row seat to observe how the correct behaviors set essential employees apart.

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The essential behaviors shown above form the REACH framework for workplace success. They relate to every type of job and are relevant regardless of where you are in your career—employee, team leader, supervisor, or senior leader.

audio icon - listen to interview with author, Traci MaddoxFor more information about “The Essential Employee” and the REACH framework, click here or the audio icon to hear a short interview with Traci Maddox, one of the authors.

Regardless of where you are in your career, these resources will help you become more effective—and essential! This is your insider’s guide to what employers want from essential employees—and what your boss needs from you!

Stay Essential Throughout Your Career!

These Career Resources are great for individuals, educational institutions, or organizations:

  • Individuals: Learn what skills you should build or strengthen to become essential to your organization and remain that way!
  • Educational Institutions: Use these resources as texts for discussion and dialogue that is meaningful and prepares students for success
  • Organizations: Use the resources to open dialogue about what behaviors and skills are necessary to succeed in your organization.

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